How To Get The Career You Have Wanted All Your Life

In an age where there are mountains of competition for almost everything. It is important for you to know that in order for you to be the best, you need to know what is the best career path you can take and then focus all of your energy on getting there.

This means eliminating others goals for you from your agenda. Allow others opinions to become irrelevant. Only you know what it is you want to be, that will ultimately make you the happiest person you can be.
Once you achieve it, others will see you were right all along.

Be realistic
Fulfill your potential and when you have, then try to outreach your potential. You might even surprise yourself.

Act like you have already won and this will dramatically effect how others perceive and regard you.
Take knockbacks and failures in your stride. Anything worth doing is worth the hassle.
Remember winners keep jumping back up no matter how many times they fall.

Show compassion
You will fall into good favour with people if you show you are one of them.

Humans are an inter-dependent species. We need each other to succeed. Do not be dismissive or ignorant of people at the bottom. Sometimes, they can have more power and influence over their peers than the people at the top.

Dress smart
Overdress. People will assume you are important. When it comes to promotion you will be the natural choice.

Keep doing
You should be doing everything in the direction of your goal; Apprenticeships, internships, courses, training, up-skilling, networking, CV updates etc.
Opportunities are not timed or scheduled. If you are not ready for when they come along, they will pass you by.

Remember you determine your own success so why not be somebody!!

How To Not Only Succeed But Thrive At The School Of Life, That Is University

You’ve graduated highschool, said goodbye to all of your highschool friends and now it’s time for you to set off on the biggest adventure of your life. University!!!

Believe me when I say that university years are truly the best years of your life!

University is a place where you find yourself, where legends are made, and where friendships are ignited.

Popularity is no longer important. You are branching off into your area and you are finally among your people!!

You can look forward to party invites to the hottest parties in your social group. Forgotten are the days when you would worry about not fitting in. Now all that is left to worry about is what to wear.

Sign up to EVERY society and club!!
As a fresher you don’t have that many papers to submit and lectures are optional. So indulge every curiosity and follow your passions, go on society trips to amazing places and meet wonderful people.

Live independently
I went to boarding school so my newly found independence went straight to my head. I was wild throughout my uni years!!
However boarding school afforded me the skills I needed to literally survive. I could clean and cook without any major mishaps and I managed not to neglect myself or become a hobo by the end of my uni years. Which is quite the achievement!!

Living off a diet of quick, shop-bought rationed lunches and depressing dinners-for-one is no fun. Instead, get all of your housemates involved in a pot-luck. It’s cheap and it gets you out of having to do the dishes every night, not to mention you’ll have plenty of brain fuel to study.

A full fridge can never be over-rated so when you are at home at the weekend kindly ask your mom for a tray of that freshly cooked lasagne she just made. Believe me, when you are tired, hungover and you don’t want sleep for dinner, this will feel like a godsend!!

Uni is a place where most people want to have fun (wink wink) before the seriousness of jobs, partners and kids come along but wrap up and be safe to save yourself the embarrassment of seeing your friends at an STD clinic. (P.S I’m not speaking from personal experience here. I was warned about this from early teenage years and scarred by graphic images to never find myself in this situation.)

And on a completely different note, get to know your lecturers on a first name basis. This will bode well for you when you need that oh-so-precious reference to secure that dream summer internship or job that sends you straight to the top of the firm.

Lastly, remember when uni gives you lemons make lemonade and carry on and you’ll look back on it as the best years of your life.

How To Win The Boyfriend Of Your Dreams

Law of attraction is a science. Follow these rules and have more luck in dating, and you never know you might even bag yourself a husband!!


Just think about it. Approaching that special someone can be daunting but if that special someone has a smile on their face, then they appear more welcoming, open and friendly.

Wear fragrances

Believe me this one works every time!!
I have had guys call me up after our date telling me they can’t get the smell of my cherry lipbalm or Juicy Couture perfume out of their heads. This simple yet effective technique always lands me another date! Score!


There is a lot to be said for a natural bare faced beauty;
Confidence, high self-esteem and the real you.
And let’s face it, no guy wants to have make-up smeared across his face by the end of the night.
So next time, ditch the make-up and instead apply some tinted moisturiser.
Your boyfriends will love their new natural beau’s. And just think of the years you will save from not spending so much time perfecting and pruning your make-up just for it to go unappreciated anyway.

Dress to impress

Wear something you love and that let’s your personality shine through. This is a great indicator! If he is the right one for you, he will love what you are wearing too!

Be yourself

Someone once told me ‘be yourself because everyone else is taken.’
And the reality is you won’t be kidding anyone! People can sense when others are putting on a fake persona.
You will gain more admiration for being your best possible self instead.
Case in point: I was on a dinner date with a guy I was head over heels about, until he rudely spoke to the server before resuming a conversation with me.
I confess, I judged him for it because he wasn’t as charming as he was trying to make me believe!!

Find out what you share in common

It could be a sport, leisure activity or just going somewhere cool together.
If you both find you have similar passions in common these then make for effortlessly, fun dates.

I hope these tips and tricks will help your Mr Darcy fall in love with you.

Korea: My First And Lasting Impressions.

Ok let’s put this story into perspective.
I was attracted to the prospect of travelling the world upon graduating. However I like most graduates was broke and living at home with mum and dad.

My hopes and dreams of travelling were out of my financial grasp, until my friend suggested we travel to Korea and work as ESL teachers.

Two months and a 10 hour flight later we were both living and working in Korea.

During my time working in Korea I couldn’t help notice that beauty is everything!!

I needed to attach a photo to my job application. At interview I was complimented on my appearance rather than my skills as a teacher.

There are advertisements everywhere!!! They advertise elective surgeries with convincing before and after pictures.

I noticed that Korean men had partially bare, partially hairy legs. (It’s really popular in Korea for men to wax their legs but to purposefully leave some hair to maintain a groomed look while still maintaining their masculinity.)

Women openly check themselves out in reflective surfaces unafraid of being considered vain.

I felt there was a celebrity status bestowed upon me because of the way I look. I would get complimented all the time for my pale, pasty, porcelain white skin and big eyes. (Features I didn’t consider my strongest assets.)

When I questioned my adult students about this, they openly admitted to the trend towards perms, skin whitening, double eyelid surgery and cheek implants.

In a country were surgery is the norm I was unnerved by one of my students decision to gift her daughter with double eyelid surgery upon graduating highschool.

My co-workers were among those to proclaim Korean beauty industry to be taking the world by storm as they referred to leading cosmetic surgeries, face masks and BB cream.

I appreciate their quest for perfection but I remain firm in my belief that inner beauty shines brightest.

My Korean Boob Job Abroad: The Good, Bad And The Downright Ugly

I never thought I would be writing this, however I feel I owe it to women considering a boob job in South Korea.
I promise you full disclosure as I lift the lid on what the cosmetic surgeons don’t want you to know and what the patients will never tell you about.
I had been working in Korea for almost a year. I had saved a significant amount of money and I simply wanted to blow it!!

A friend referred me to a surgery clinic in Gangnam’s prestigious area ‘Cheongdam’.  This clinic advertised ‘no pain’ plastic surgery. I went to my consultation curious and wanting to believe the unbelievable.

Before the consultation the receptionist strangely asked if I wanted same day surgery. This should have been my first red flag!
As part of the consultation they conducted a mammogram to ensure the breast tissue was healthy.  I was impressed by their state of the art equipment.
They then showed me a simulation of what I would look like with different cc’s.
They let me try on a vest with my chosen size implants to give me an idea of how they would feel.
What they did not do was discuss with me the surgery itself.
From emailing the hospital director I was under the impression that their would be a translator present. However on the day of the consultation only the director and surgeon were present. They both spoke very little English.
I had chosen a modest, relatively small 325cc.
It was not until the day of the surgery that I was told to sign a waiver of responsibility,  the alternative was not to have surgery,  and lose all the money paid, so I signed.
I was strapped down to the operating table and I remember the anaesthetist was searching for a vein to deliver the anaesthetic when the surgeon told me the size I requested at our consultations was not possible because of my chest diameter and height.  He told me that the smaller implant, 275cc, would serve as ‘trainer boobs’ and I could get another surgery at a later date with bigger implants.
I was reluctant to slash my large chested hopes and annoyed that he had left it to the day of surgery to tell me. He gave me the ultimatum of a smaller implant or no surgery that day.
When I woke up I did not feel pain in my breasts but to my confusion, in my legs.
I lifted the blanket and was horrified when I saw plasters on my bikini line and yellow and black bruising all over my legs.
I did not choose to have work done on my legs nor was this discussed at consultation.
My friend who has a medical background ran upstairs and demanded answers from the surgeon.
The surgeon explained they had removed fat from my legs and cultivated stem cells from the fat which was then injected into the incision site in both breasts for healing. He reassured me it was for my own good.
An hour after coming around from the anaesthetic and it was time to leave. I felt like I was a patient on a conveyer belt.
At a follow up appointment the nurse taught me how to change my stitches and gave me a Google translated sheet of instructions on how to care for the wound, which did not make much sense.
One year later and I am still overjoyed with the results. They have truly changed my life and how I feel about myself.  However I can’t help look at my genetically blessed or surgically enhanced double D friends and feel envious.
I hope my story can help others make better decisions!