How To Get The Career You Have Wanted All Your Life

In an age where there are mountains of competition for almost everything. It is important for you to know that in order for you to be the best, you need to know what is the best career path you can take and then focus all of your energy on getting there.

This means eliminating others goals for you from your agenda. Allow others opinions to become irrelevant. Only you know what it is you want to be, that will ultimately make you the happiest person you can be.
Once you achieve it, others will see you were right all along.

Be realistic
Fulfill your potential and when you have, then try to outreach your potential. You might even surprise yourself.

Act like you have already won and this will dramatically effect how others perceive and regard you.
Take knockbacks and failures in your stride. Anything worth doing is worth the hassle.
Remember winners keep jumping back up no matter how many times they fall.

Show compassion
You will fall into good favour with people if you show you are one of them.

Humans are an inter-dependent species. We need each other to succeed. Do not be dismissive or ignorant of people at the bottom. Sometimes, they can have more power and influence over their peers than the people at the top.

Dress smart
Overdress. People will assume you are important. When it comes to promotion you will be the natural choice.

Keep doing
You should be doing everything in the direction of your goal; Apprenticeships, internships, courses, training, up-skilling, networking, CV updates etc.
Opportunities are not timed or scheduled. If you are not ready for when they come along, they will pass you by.

Remember you determine your own success so why not be somebody!!


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