How To Not Only Succeed But Thrive At The School Of Life, That Is University

You’ve graduated highschool, said goodbye to all of your highschool friends and now it’s time for you to set off on the biggest adventure of your life. University!!!

Believe me when I say that university years are truly the best years of your life!

University is a place where you find yourself, where legends are made, and where friendships are ignited.

Popularity is no longer important. You are branching off into your area and you are finally among your people!!

You can look forward to party invites to the hottest parties in your social group. Forgotten are the days when you would worry about not fitting in. Now all that is left to worry about is what to wear.

Sign up to EVERY society and club!!
As a fresher you don’t have that many papers to submit and lectures are optional. So indulge every curiosity and follow your passions, go on society trips to amazing places and meet wonderful people.

Live independently
I went to boarding school so my newly found independence went straight to my head. I was wild throughout my uni years!!
However boarding school afforded me the skills I needed to literally survive. I could clean and cook without any major mishaps and I managed not to neglect myself or become a hobo by the end of my uni years. Which is quite the achievement!!

Living off a diet of quick, shop-bought rationed lunches and depressing dinners-for-one is no fun. Instead, get all of your housemates involved in a pot-luck. It’s cheap and it gets you out of having to do the dishes every night, not to mention you’ll have plenty of brain fuel to study.

A full fridge can never be over-rated so when you are at home at the weekend kindly ask your mom for a tray of that freshly cooked lasagne she just made. Believe me, when you are tired, hungover and you don’t want sleep for dinner, this will feel like a godsend!!

Uni is a place where most people want to have fun (wink wink) before the seriousness of jobs, partners and kids come along but wrap up and be safe to save yourself the embarrassment of seeing your friends at an STD clinic. (P.S I’m not speaking from personal experience here. I was warned about this from early teenage years and scarred by graphic images to never find myself in this situation.)

And on a completely different note, get to know your lecturers on a first name basis. This will bode well for you when you need that oh-so-precious reference to secure that dream summer internship or job that sends you straight to the top of the firm.

Lastly, remember when uni gives you lemons make lemonade and carry on and you’ll look back on it as the best years of your life.


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