How To Win The Boyfriend Of Your Dreams

Law of attraction is a science. Follow these rules and have more luck in dating, and you never know you might even bag yourself a husband!!


Just think about it. Approaching that special someone can be daunting but if that special someone has a smile on their face, then they appear more welcoming, open and friendly.

Wear fragrances

Believe me this one works every time!!
I have had guys call me up after our date telling me they can’t get the smell of my cherry lipbalm or Juicy Couture perfume out of their heads. This simple yet effective technique always lands me another date! Score!


There is a lot to be said for a natural bare faced beauty;
Confidence, high self-esteem and the real you.
And let’s face it, no guy wants to have make-up smeared across his face by the end of the night.
So next time, ditch the make-up and instead apply some tinted moisturiser.
Your boyfriends will love their new natural beau’s. And just think of the years you will save from not spending so much time perfecting and pruning your make-up just for it to go unappreciated anyway.

Dress to impress

Wear something you love and that let’s your personality shine through. This is a great indicator! If he is the right one for you, he will love what you are wearing too!

Be yourself

Someone once told me ‘be yourself because everyone else is taken.’
And the reality is you won’t be kidding anyone! People can sense when others are putting on a fake persona.
You will gain more admiration for being your best possible self instead.
Case in point: I was on a dinner date with a guy I was head over heels about, until he rudely spoke to the server before resuming a conversation with me.
I confess, I judged him for it because he wasn’t as charming as he was trying to make me believe!!

Find out what you share in common

It could be a sport, leisure activity or just going somewhere cool together.
If you both find you have similar passions in common these then make for effortlessly, fun dates.

I hope these tips and tricks will help your Mr Darcy fall in love with you.


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